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Lost~Steven stone x reader
(I didn't see too many so i decided to write one. Yes there is swearing) 
"God dammit, why did I have to get lost in this shitty ass cave?" You mumble to yourself. You were on your pokemon journey with your precious Torchic, Shroomish, and Ralts. You happen to be in Dewford town, about to get your second gym badge, but you had promised the head of Devon corporation that you would deliver a letter. You were told that the person would be in Granite cave.
But as stupid as you were, you should have gone to the gym first to be able to use the hm flash. Torchic tried to light the way by using ember but it wasn't strong enough and soon after you became lost.
Torchic was getting tired of lighting the way so you decided to wander off in the darkness. You were walking when suddenly you collided with a figure of the night. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Is that a person? Don't kill me!" You scream. You were practically blind, so of course you would start panicking, and not in a disco way.
"Sorry about
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 20 15
Pocky game~Snk X Reader~Almond Crush
(yes there is swearing). 
"I choose.......Almond Crush." It sounded like a good flavor and since it is called Almond Crush you might actually get your crush. You internally punch yourself for that bad pun. Despite that bad pun, you actually liked the flavor almond crush. There was just something unique about it that the other flavors didn't have. 
"Almond Crush? Okay! That is Bertholdt." Hanji smirks. You slightly blush because you had admired Bertholdt for a long time. Now Bertholdt wasn't slightly blushing, he was full on bathing in his own sweat and shaking. You see how uncomfortable he is and think maybe you shouldn't play with him. 
"Hey Hanji, don't you think we should give Bertholdt a break, I mean he is practically bathing in his own sweat." You say.
"Oh that just means he is wet for you." 
You mentally fac
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 30 15
Mistletoe~levi x reader
Ah Christmas time, you hated the dreadful season it was filled with annoying traditions and happy people everywhere. Everyone being so peppy sorta just ticked you off.
Your friend, Hanji was throwing a Christmas party and she forced you along. Oh how you knew it was gonna be filled with people you hate.  
Hanji was going off on all these wild stories, you decided to slip away and get something to drink. You were too focused on your thoughts you didn't see the shorty infront of you.
"Watch where you are going dumb ass!"
"Nah" you reply
Hanji spots the two of you from literally a mile away and screams "MISSSSSSIIIIIILLLLLEEEEETOOOOEEEE"
You look up to see the dreaded green plant above you. "Yeah fuck that I ain't kissing him."
"Do I have to come over there and force you to kiss the shorty?"
"No, I just have a policy of not kissing midgets."
"That's it." Levi yells as he smashes his lips against yours.
(Ignore the hanji was, my iPod glitched and it wouldn't delete.)
Hanji was
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 30 27
Pocky game~Snk X Reader~Orange
(yeah there is swearing and it sure has been a while since i updated this) 
"I choose.......Orange." Orange is a flavor that you have always loved. From orange scented things to orange flavored food, you couldn't possibly go wrong with that option?
"Orange? Okay! That is Armin!" Hanji smirks. You feel all the heat rush to your face like someone poured gasoline on you then set you on fire. Armin had been your long time crush. He was just so sweet. He wasn't always trying to hit on you and wasn't obnoxious, unlike most the guys.  You look over at Armin and he was full on red. 
"While you guys are being awkward teens, I'll just refresh you on the rules." Hanji says. "So the rules of the pocky game are you take one stick of pocky, put it in your mouth and your sexual partner-..." You cut Hanji off. "Whoa wait a fucking second did you just say sexual partner?" You felt like you were going to die by burning to death from embarrassment. "No." Hanji replies seriously. "But you j
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 61 43
Blizzard Stalker~Male!Belarus X Reader ch.2
(a request i meant to finish way sooner. for :iconkawaiirainbowsmile: )
It's the same exact man from the blizzard, what is he doing here? I have felt like someone has been following me since I left his house months ago but I am probably just being paranoid. This is just a mere coincidence. It has to be. I decide to go outside and confront him. "Um...excuse me sir....." He gives me the creepiest stare that makes my skin want to crawl. After a long pause I choose to change what I was going to say. "I would just like to welcome you to the neighborhood." I smile. I have a tendency to smile when I am uncomfortable. "Thanks" He mumbles. "I'm (Y/n) by the way."
"I know." He says under his breath. but before I can say anything he goes inside his new house. He is just plain weird. Well if he is able to afford his own home he probably isn't still in school, so I won't have to worry about seeing him there. But that leaves me with just one question, has he been stalking me this whole time or is th
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 20 5
I can't believe you~Levi X Reader
(ye me avoiding other stories while i write this. yeah there is swearing. and i also guess this is an Au) 
You had always known that you were probably would never been good enough for him. He was the one who asked you out first though but you had always doubted yourself for the longest time. Of course you loved Levi and you were pretty sure he loved you. But then she came into your life. You saw the way he looked at her, the look in his eyes were filled with so much lust. After a while he started spending more and more time with her. Levi would convince you that they were nothing more than just good friends, that he liked spending time with. But you were convinced otherwise. He always looked like he was having so much fun with her, way more fun than he ever had with you. Then after a while he was spending more time with her than he did with you. You didn't mind because he kept reassuring you it was nothing, but there was always this little voice in your head that told you otherwis
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 54 70
Cheater~Iceland X Reader~crackfic
(it's been a while since i wrote a crackfic and it seems like a lot of people have been liking the ones i wrote a while ago so here it is. yes swearing!)
"ICELAND BBY, WHERE ARE YOU? WHY AREN'T YOU IN MY BED!?" You had been happily dating the sexy as hell country for almost a year now and you were quite the dildly do surprised when you woke up and he was gone. You heard some groaning noises, that sounded some what sexual. They sounded just like Iceland. Was he cheating on you? You immediately throw off your covers and sprint down stairs and follow the sound of the moaning. It led to the kitchen where you found a horrifying sight. It was Iceland, humping the fridge.
"The fridge." He replies. 
"I can see that! I mean why?!" 
"I didn't want to tell you this but Fridge Senpai and me have been having are smexy time for over the past 6 months."
"SO you love a fridge more than me?!"
"That's it! We are thro
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 88 86
Detention~Sollux x Reader
"But Mrs. Teacherlady, I promise I will improve my grades. Please give me a chance." You were currently in trouble for failing so many math tests during the year. Mrs. Teacherlady could be nice at times but today she was in one of her cranky old lady moods. 
"(Y/n) you have said that the past three times. I'm going to have to have a student tutor you." 
"Who exactly is this student going to be?" You raise an eyebrow.
"Sollux Captor." 
"What! Why him?! He is a total smart ass! I've heard rumors about him." 
"Language (y/n)" 
"I don't give a fuck!" 
"That's it! You have detention.
Just give him a chance will you? You haven't even met him." 
"Fine....if I give him a chance will I get put of detention." You give a huge smirk. 
"No. You still have detention tomorrow." 
"Fuuuuuuuuuu-" she cuts you
Off by scolding you about your language again. 
            ~timeskip to detention~
'Stupid teacher, stupid tu
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 74 22
A typical relationship Eren x reader
a request for :iconlandra15: sorry it took so long.
Age 5: Your p.o.v. 
"Eren, come on I have something to show you." I say dragging him by the arm. 
"(Y/n) are you sure we are aloud to wander this far?" Eren says. 
"Yeah, yeah we will be fine." I look around and see a huge field of flowers. Perfect this is it. 
"Wow it's so pretty." Eren says. His eyes sparkling. 
"I knew you would love it." I smile. 
Age 15: Eren's p.o.v. 
"I don't know Armin, what if she rejects me?" I mumble. (Y/n) has dated a few people before and I don't seem like her type. I also just really don't wanna ruin our friendship. 
"Eren, you gotta have some confidence, the worst she could say is no." Armin says.
" uhhh...what exactly am I suppose to say?" 
"Just ask her out. You've asked out other girls before." Armin says getting frustrated.  It's true that I have gone out with other girls but none have been as beautiful or amazing as (y/n). That's what is m
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 23 13
Pocky game~Snk X Reader~Green Tea
(hey look im not dead, yes there is swearing) 
"I choose....Green Tea." Green tea is a great flavor and what is the worst that could happen with picking such a simple flavor. So you thought why not and just picked it. 
"Green tea, Okay! That is Corporal shorty." Hanji smirks and starts giggling in a very evil way. Your jaw drops to the ground and your skin gets pale. You turn around to see an angry Corporal. You were terrified of him, I mean sure he was attractive but still that didn't make up for the fact that his glare could make a full grown man piss. And then he would probably make the poor man clean up his own piss. 
"Hanji, Could I possibly not play the game........" You said with each word getting quieter. 
"Oh what, so you don't want to play it with me, you know what? It's now an order, you have to participate in the pocky game with me, Glasses refresh her on the rules." 
"The rules are you take a piece of pocky put one end in your mouth, the other pers
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 141 38
Pocky game~Snk X Reader~Strawberry
(Yes there is swearing.)
"I choose......Strawberry." Strawberry is one of the classic flavors and it is tasty. So you thought why not what's the worst that could happen? Well you don't want to think of the worst that could happen.
"Strawberry? Okay! That's Jean." Hanji and Jean smirk. "uhh....what?" You say hoping your hearing failed you. "You, Jean, kissing, now!" Hanji says. You throw up in your mouth a little. 'Why did he have to be right about me getting him? I mean sure he was kinda cute when he wasn't being an asshole but that's like never.......wait did I just call him cute.' You gag again. Sasha always made jokes about you liking him but it obviously wasn't true. 'But his golden eyes are gorgeous.....SHUT THE FUCK UP (F/N)(L/N)! You do not like him.' You mental scream.
"Are you going to stop staring at how handsome I am or are we going to play?" Jean says. You feel sick, you feel the food you just ate earlier coming back up your throat.  
"Since (Y/n) is staring off into s
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 92 46
Swimming~Eridan X Reader
(cleaver title, I know) 
"Feferi, I don't know about this." You say.
"Come on (y/n) it will be fun." Feferi says. Feferi had dragged you to the pool to meet up with Eridan. You never told Feferi that you couldn't swim and she had already dragged you out to the pool, so there is no going back now. 'Maybe I can sneak away while they aren't looking.' Before you can run off you are shoved into the pool, you start flailing your arms and coughing. 'This is it. Death is coming." You start sinking into the chlorinated pool  until your foot touches the bottom and you realize you are only in the 3 foot area of the pool.
"(Y/n), Are you okay?" Eridan asks.
"Perfectly fine. I was just trying to be funny." You shake the wet hair out of your eyes.
"Cannonball!!!!!!!!!!" Feferi screams and jumps in the pool causing a big wave to sweep over your head.
"Death is coming....AhHHHHH!" You try to run away but the water goes over you and then settles down leaving you fine.
"(Y/n), I get the sense
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 50 18
Blizzard stalker~Male!Belarus X Reader ch.1
( a request for :iconkawaiirainbowsmile: ) 
                                                                Your pov:
I knew I should have checked the weather before I went outside and now I'm stuck in a blizzard with nowhere to go. The white snow starts piling up around you as it heavily comes down from the sky. I need to find somewhere to go fast.  I look over and see a small brown house that looks pretty well kept. I walk over to the door as best I can. I'm freezing I can't feel like hands despite having on gloves and also having on a big winter jacket. I bring my freezing hand up to knock on the door. A man about my age opens up the door. "What do you want?" He says with an accent. can't really figure out where it's from. "Can I please stay here until the blizzard blows over? Please I'm gonna freeze out here." I sa
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 36 11
Bad pick up lines~Karkat X Reader
(yeah swearing.)
"STRIDER!" Karkat yells and runs over to Dave. 
"What do you want?" Dave replies. 
"With what?" 
"How would you get someone you are flushed with to go on a date with you?" Karkat starts blush. 
"And why are you asking me? What do I have to do with this?"
"Well there are a lot of people who are flushed for you so I thought you could fucking help me out here." 
"Fine. I may have something that will work." Dave smirks. 
Karkat sees you putting things in your locker and approaches you. 
"Hey KK, what's up?" You
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 125 21
Clueless~Sealand X male! Reader~Crackfic
(been a while since i did a good ole crackfic, a request for :iconkuraiiki: yeah swearing)
'Why did he have to been so clueless, I mean is it because I am a guy," You thought to yourself. You really wanted his body. Who was this he? Sealand,of course. You had been best friends with him all your life. You really wanted to do one of those things you saw in Japan's books, what were those books called again? Oh yeah, YAOI~ <3 So you decided to have a little talk with that special person. 
"Hello Sexy ass....I mean Sealand." 
"Well you know.....have you ever heard the story of the broccoli and the sexy tomato?" You blush.
"No? What is it?"
"Well there was this ugly ass broccoli and he was in love with the sexy tomato, the sexy tomato was really clueless and they always found themselves getting into awkward situations . Then one day the ugly broccoli confessed their feeling to the sexy tomato and then the fucked." Your face turns 10 times redder than the sexy tomato
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 28 20
Pocky game~Snk X Reader~Chocolate
(yes there is swearing)
"I choose......Chocolate."  Chocolate is the classic flavor so you thought why not? What is the worst that could happen. 
"Chocolate okay! That is Eren Jaeger." Hanji smirks. Your Jaw drops to the ground. You have had quite a crush on the titan shifting boy for a while now. But you didn't want to attempt to make any advances on him because Mikasa would probably kill you, not the quick kind of killing, more like the slow torture kind of killing. She never told you that personally but she has a death glare that could kill, so you just assumed to stay away. 
"(Y/n)! Since you are just staring off into space I guess you were just too embarrassed to say that you forgot the rules of the game, Is that true?" Hanji asks. 'I could by myself some time if I just say yes, then I will be able to plot a way out of this.' 
"Yes! That is it! I forgot the rules, Please refresh me on them." 
"The rules are you take a piece of pocky put one end in your mou
:iconshiny-eve:shiny-eve 125 532

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